Build Decks & Post Frame Buildings


on a solid footing


Key Benefits


Patented Technology Saves
Labor Costs

ICC Code Compliant

Replaces Concrete Pads

Made in the USA From
Recycled Material

10" - 1 lb.
12" - 2.75 lbs.

16" - 4.5 lbs.
24" - 13.5 lbs.

60 lbs.

90 lbs.



10" & 12" FootingPad®

10" Concrete Pad

16" & 24" FootingPad®

16" Concrete Pad


Works with almost any post

Treated Wood Post

Laminated Column


Post Protector™


Lightweight, Fast & Easy

The FootingPad® composite deck post footing system is engineered to provide the fastest, most economical means to raise your deck in record time. The FootingPad® system’s design is lightweight, evenly distributes deck post loads, and saves hours of back-breaking work. FootingPad can be used in most Type V construction subject to loading limits. Take a look at how FootingPad® compares to traditional concrete deck installation:

FootingPad® vs. Concrete

Light & Easy FootingPad®

10 post holes
10 FootingPads® 
10 lbs – Easy

  • No additional labor
  • No equipment rental
  • Easy to install
  • No wait time, construct same day

Heavy & Messy Concrete

10 post holes
10 bags concrete
800 lbs – Hard

  • Messy broken bags
  • Labor to transport/ carry/mix/pour concrete
  • Potential equipment rental
  • 1 day lost with set time

Structurally Sound and Code Compliant

FootingPad®  post footers are designed and engineered to replace concrete footings of equal diameter. They have been independently tested by NTA Testing Laboratories and certified code compliant (IBC & IRC) by the ICC-ES Evaluation Services.  See ESR 2147.

Replaces Concrete Footings of Equal Diameter

10″ & 12″ FootingPads® will support a 4×4 or larger post. 16″ FootingPads® will support a 6×6 or larger post. Allowable loads are controlled by the type of supporting soil.

FootingPad® meets the ICC-ES building code acceptance criteria (AC49)

  • NTA

    Tested by NTA Testing Laboratories in accordance with International Code Council Evaluation Service (AC49).

  • Environmentally Freindly

    FootingPad® is made from recycled materials.  The color of pads may vary.

  • Patented Technology

    FootingPad® is a patented Technology.  Patent number 7827747.

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