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on a solid footing


Key Benefits


Patented Technology Saves
Labor Costs

ICC Code Compliant

Replaces Concrete Pads

Made in the USA From
Recycled Material

10" - 1 lb.
12" - 2.75 lbs.

16" - 4.5 lbs.
24" - 13.5 lbs.

60 lbs.

90 lbs.



10" & 12" FootingPad®

10" Concrete Pad

16" & 24" FootingPad®

16" Concrete Pad


Works with almost any post

Treated Wood Post

Laminated Column


Post Protector™


We have changed the way you build

Developed in Michigan with a national following, FootingPad® is designed to reduce time and labor costs for any post frame project.  Easy installation and faster build time make life simpler for busy contractors.  Don’t bother with concrete, no need to wait around for cement to set up, simply keep working.  Keep your attention focused on finding new clients and increase project margins with this unique product made from a proprietary blend of composite recycled materials.  FootingPad® meets the ICC-ES building code acceptance criteria (AC49).

Ask your supplier about FootingPad

Check with your supplier or ask them to carry FootingPad.  We have distribution in many areas.  If you cannot find FootingPad in your area, call us for assistance.

Call our team to further discuss contractor pricing and distribution in your area:

Glen George: 630-841-0693 (direct)
Paul Kluempers:  858-900-5080 (direct)

Installation Instructions

Click below to download installation instructions.

ICC Code Compliant

FootingPad® meets the ICC-ES building code acceptance criteria (AC49).

10″ FootingPad®

12″ FootingPad®

16″ FootingPad®

24″ FootingPad®

ICC Evaluation Report

ICC Evaluation

Total Allowable Load

10″ & 12″ FootingPads® will support a 4×4 or larger post.  16″ FootingPads® will support a 6×6 or larger post.  Allowable loads are controlled by the type of supporting soil.  10″ FootingPads® have a total allowable load of 1,635 pounds based on 3000 psf soil capacity.  12″ FootingPads® have a total allowable load of 2,355 pounds based on 3,000 psf soil capacity.  16″ FootingPads® have a total allowable load of 4,167 pounds based on 3000 psf soil capacity.

10" - 1,635 lbs.
12" - 2,355 lbs.
16" - 4,167 lbs.
20" - 6,545 lbs.
24" - 9,327 lbs.

Footing Size Calculator

Our Footing Size Calculator can help you determine if the FootingPad size you’ve selected is appropriate for your application.

Snow Loads

Snow loads vary by geography.  Various maps and calculators to determine this can be found online.  One example can be found here:


A Real Green Story

Made in the USA from recycled composite materialsrecycled

Dramatically lower energy used to manufacture versus concrete process

No scrap in the process like concrete

Less fuel to transport rather than 80 pound bags of concrete per post hole

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