Build Decks & Post Frame Buildings


on a solid footing


Key Benefits


Patented Technology Saves
Labor Costs

ICC Code Compliant

Replaces Concrete Pads

Made in the USA From
Recycled Material

10" - 1 lb.
12" - 2.75 lbs.

16" - 4.5 lbs.
24" - 13.5 lbs.

60 lbs.

90 lbs.



10" & 12" FootingPad®

10" Concrete Pad

16" & 24" FootingPad®

16" Concrete Pad


Works with almost any post

Treated Wood Post

Laminated Column


Post Protector™



“Our initial interest in Ag-Co’s footing pads was sparked by an item in Rural Builder Magazine in 2008. We contacted the company and got the technical data on the product which we forwarded to our architect for his authorization to utilize them in the construction of our decks. Upon his review and approval , we ordered a box to try them out. Initially there was concern about the stability of our posts with nothing but compacted earth to hold them, but once girders and joists were in place this concern was eliminated.

The use of the pads has tremendously increased our speed and efficiency in the construction of a deck. After our footing inspection we can immediately proceed with our framing phase without the waiting period for concrete footings to harden before posts can be set. By using them we have also decreased the cost of the footings which, in turn, makes our pricing more competitive in the market. The ease of installation and increased productivity are two of the largest advantages to our company. Our architect integrates the use of them into his specifications when completing a set of plans for us We have little or no resistance from Building Inspectors as to the use of the product. If they are unfamiliar with it we simply provide the technical data for their review. .

All-in-all, the product has been a tremendous benefit to our crew and company as a whole.”


“We have no hesitations about selling FootingPads in our store – it’s great to sell such a unique building product that meets code and saves labor!”

Cardinal Building ProductsLeola, PennsylvaniaCardinal Building Products

“People especially like to use the FootingPad with our precast concrete Perma-Columns and Perma-DeckPost piers. For decks, they just drill a hole and attach the FootingPad to the bottom of the Perma-DeckPost. Then they put it in the ground and backfill with dirt so the top of the pier and bracket are above grade. It can save as much as a full day of work compared to mixing concrete and placing it within forms with rebar and a bracket set in concrete. Furthermore, with the FootingPads and Perma-DeckPost piers you can accurately line them up and frame as you install the piers, just like sticking posts in the ground – much easier and less frustrating than finding your brackets weren’t cemented in exactly the right place after your concrete hardens and you begin framing. The result is a clean, professional-looking pier for a longer-lasting deck.”

John FullertonBaldwin City, KansasHeartland Perma Column

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